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July 13, 2009

Stand in one spot, Access a Microcosm

If you're visiting the island you may not know of a very special spot off Churchill Road that leads to the Hastings House Sculpture Garden. It's a trail behind Hastings House that leads to various sculptures placed beside the trail. This was one of them. I believe they change on a somewhat regular basis. I liked this one. Two wirey explorers. I have no idea what the artist intended.
I went for a little walk last night and drove to the end of that road to find a small beach.

On the way back I stopped in here and spent quite a lot of time just looking and as always, the longer I spent there, the more I saw when initially, I felt like there wasn't too much to photograph.
There are some beautiful trees on this property as well,
and a "dig" or a simulated dig but I didn't really understand the explanation.

Until last night I had never really looked at the underside of a fern leaf. There are dots...

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