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July 26, 2010

The Pegster Tour

One of the most agreeable women in the world, The Pegster, came to visit. Yeaaa! It was so great to have her around for four days. If only she lived here with the whole fam. That's never going to happen. She left the fam to fend for themselves and two of the three took off to Tofino for a few days.
Friday morning we went to the favorite dock, Fernwood of course, for a little walk. Then we went to the sheep lady's place and a quick walk around at Blue Horse Gallery.

 We visited Sacred Mountain Lavendar where the Lavendar is at its peak and is even more purple than this picture, if that seems possible.
The Pegster was loving the aroma.
I had the best day ever at the market in terms of sales.
So did Tom and Linda whom she got to meet. 
She made this easy appetizer of bocconcini, basil and tomatoes with oil and balsamic that was tasty, tasty when we went to the James' for dinner.
Taste tests at Salt Spring Cheese and Salt Spring Vineyards.
She met Pauline who was looking so beautiful and youthful in her summer dress and we all had brekkie at the Treehouse then dropped in at Mahon Hall and Summer Art Craft.
Sometimes you see an artist on the island whose work is so spectacular you are astounded at the imagination and craftsmanship. That's what we thought when we saw Biyung Joo Suh's work. He is from Korea originally and he needs to get his work into a major metropolitan gallery in Santa Fe or New York. He is underpricing it here at $3,000 and $4,000 so whoever bought the four pieces that had sold got a fantastic treasure to enjoy for a lifetime at that price.

We went to Foxglove Farm Day

and enjoyed the music and the sunshine and ended the visit with a long lunch at Moby's deck and margaritas. ahhhh, summer!


flameonglass said...

Nice pics! Funny to see our kitchen on someone's blog.
Did Peggy have a nice visit? She is very sweet, thanks for bring her over.

Gayle said...

She had a great visit Linda. Thanks for having us!

Anonymous said...
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