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July 14, 2010

Ugandan Choir on Salt Spring

Christ the King Church Choir from Uganda performed at the United Church here on the island tonight. They are from Kampala and according to the handout will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the choir's existence in August.

Coincidentally, I also received an e-mail today from a man I met at the market who bought two of my photos. I've been corresponding with him in an attempt to see if I might get a story published about him.

He's the Program Head of the Masters program in Peacebuilding and Security at Royal Roads University. In May he was in Uganda visiting some of his students who are doing practicums there. During a social evening he took them to the same restaurant that was bombed by Somalia insurgents with connections to Al Queda last Sunday.  His name is Ken Christie and he was interviewed on a Victoria radio statio about the recent terrorist attacks in Uganda that killed civilians watching the World Cup at a restaurant.

Listen to his interview if you're interested.

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