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July 13, 2010

Salt Spring Summer

Visitors. Picnics. Hikes. Exploring. Friends visiting. Crowded markets. Art exhibits. Music.
It was so great to have company this weekend after a long drought. Gwen came to visit. She camped in the backyard. We had healthy dinners at the picnic table and took in a load of entertainment from one-man plays called The White dogs of Texas with Vaugh Fulford to Tom Hooper (Grapes of Wrath) playing solo at The Treehouse. She got to see The Market. Later Karin and Damon came for dinner. Paul came too. We then went back to The Treehouse and took in Stephanie Rhodes.

Karin had a show of her damascene inlay which she had done on farm implements with different varieties of  patterns ranging from Celtic to Islamic at The Point Gallery, a little barn on the South End. It was really nice to meet her parents. Damon and her joined us for dinner on the Saturday night.
Artefacts from The Point Gallery and Gwen's miniature shell collection.
My favorite spot on the island where the beach is the white shells of a midden, the water is clear enough to see your feet when you're standing in it, the Arbutus red bark is alight with the sun's rays, where crab shells land in trees when they're dropped by eagles and Mount Maxwell's distinctive top is a beacon.

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