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July 06, 2010

Blanc de Noir and Lavendar

Sunday was Sacred Mountain Lavendar's annual festival. Unfortunately, it was under cloudy skies this year. In the south end on Musgrave road and really well organized, it's a treat to spend some time there among the heavenly mauve. I realized when I was there, watching some of the people arrive, all decked out in mauve for the event that I do not own a single piece of clothing that is mauve or purple. I'm saving that for when I get really old I guess and then I shall wear purple. Two little kids, a big sister and her little brother, were so well put together that they even had purple crocs on to match their outfit. Too cute! She had wings attached to her outfit. Maybe she was supposed to be a dragonfly.

It's impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone you know once you've lived here a while so I chatted with a few people and had the best lunch of panzanella (bread and tomato salad) that was chock full of herbs and olive oil and black olives and complemented with a fresh salad colourful with chopped petals of edible flowers. What a delectable summer meal indeed! 

(Sanchez is on guitar)
Afterwards, I drove over to the Salt Spring Vineyards which often has music on Friday and Sunday afternoons in the summer. Jose Sanchez and his Cuban band members accompanied by Jazz pianist Norris Clement. were playing. It was the most relaxing time I've had in a while. By then the sun had come out, the picnic tables were full, and the little round deck in front of the band had no seats left. A bit of a salsa line formed (wives of the band members) and sitting there, sipping a glass of their Blanc de Noir which they describe as a "salmon-colored summer sipper", looking out across the vineyards with large red roses accenting the grapevines seemed pretty heavenly. 

Myles showed up in what I have come to think of as his trademark wild shirts and it was nice just to relax and put all my cares aside.

So, the next time you're on island in the summer, drop in at one of the vineyards,  (Salt Spring, Garry Oaks, and Mistaken Identity) do a tasting, linger a while.

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