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January 13, 2009

Griffin and Maggie

Meet Griffin and Maggie.

Griffin is a Welsh Terrier and Maggie is, of course, a Scotty Dog.

Maggie is as gentle and reserved as Griffin is ADHD psychotic wild.

Griffin is that kid in elementary school (and we all knew one) who was always getting in trouble. He was always talking when he shouldn't or bugging the kids in front, behind and two rows over (when they had rows in elementary school). Griffin is an attention-seeking missile.

He is that kid that either grows up to be a criminal or an amazing entrepreneur. Maggie, on the other hand, was the plodding student, obedient, tried to keep out of everyone's way, silent, observing.

When I show up at Paulines to visit, Griffin and Maggie go beserk. The two of them barking,jumping, running around each other to get to me, the visitor, is just plain - well - fun and crazy.

When I bend down to pat Maggie, Griffin jumps up to try and lick me. Every inch of his body is screaming: See me. Look at me. Me. Me. Me. Pet me. What about me? Hey, look, me,me,me, pet,pet,pet. Pauline said she was taking him to obedience training but I notice she hasn't talked about that lately.

Griffin is male and Maggie is female. Maggie is a lot older than Griffin. Griffin hasn't quite mastered the concept of sharing yet. He tries to gulp down his own dinner so he can then race over to Maggie's dish while she's eating and steal her food too. He eats so fast that some times he throws up, not long after, right on the rug. Serves him right! Yuk!

Griffin and Maggie, like most siblings, don't always get along. He jumps on her. He mounts her. Tries to dominate her. He bites her. And suddenly, they're off, scrapping and biting the air, snarling and it's over as quickly as it began.

The thing is, at the end of the evening when they're tired, they are so affectionate. They cuddle up on your lap when you're watching a movie or just talking and their warm little bodies make excellent doggy hot water bottles.

Griffin's wiry hair and his little head just lolls over and it's like having one of those old-fashioned,honey-haired scraggly Teddy Bears on your lap.

It almost makes me wish I owned my own dog. But, then I leave and come to my senses.

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