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January 19, 2009

Magic Mushroom

And now for something completely different. Something simple!

I was searching for tips on how to make a collage and I came across this woman's website.

She lives in Idaho and as the site says, she makes simple, happy, pretty things.

I just loved this. Take a look at her site at Bella Dia and her creativity will make you smile too.


Jsylum said...

wow. I love the rocks with the transfers...

Thanks for sharing.

And about your last post, I don't think it's absurd that you may have spirits visiting you at night. When it happens again, I'll like to hear about it..I wonder if there's a purpose behind it all.

Dave Zeman said...

Ok... now I've seen it all.. ;-)

Thanks for the nice words on my blog kid.


Cookme said...

Oh, these are too cute! You are right, the creations on the Bella Dia site do make me smile - for no other reason than that they are just so "happy"!