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January 03, 2009

January: Cold, Quiet, Damp

Cold on the little boat headed over to Granville Island.
Cold in Stanley Park on the first day it really snowed - December 21.
Really, really cold right at home. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold.
When I got out of bed this morning, I had on my fingerless gloves knitted by Pauline that make me feel like I'm preparing to give my debut performance as Fagan in Oliver Twist. As you can see, I had on my MEC hat. I had on my pink fuzzy robe given to me by my sister. It's atop my flannel pyjamas that I would never have bought but they were the best of the choice here at Fields - that's right, I said Fields. They're blue with purple and blue cats on them. Ug. I've worn them so much I'm beginning to like them. Turns out Victoria's Secret is to never live anywhere where the temperature dips below a balmy 75 degrees.

I had on my wool socks. On top of my socks, I had on fuzzy boot slippers that Lisa gave me because she didn't like to think of me walking around in men's wool work socks. It offended her feminine sensibilities apparently. I have the beautiful colourful shawl I bought in Chiapas from a waxy skinned brown woman who stood about 4feet high. It was wrapped around me and that thing is not just colourful but it's damned warm on purpose I suspect since Chiapas is fairly high up in the mountains.

I hung the quilt Will's mom made me a very long time ago in front of one of the large windows in my bedroom to see if it would make any difference and keep the heat(lack of heat) in.

Am I preparing to ascend Mount Everest? No! All I'm trying to do is make it from the bedroom into the little galley kitchen to make tea first thing in the morning.

But, unlike in Vancouver, at least it didn't snow all day yesterday. This isn't my favorite time of year at the best of times. Now I know why so many people get the hell out of Canada between November and March. COLD!

That's my next goal. Next winter the goal is to be somewhere hot for a bit. It doesn't seem possible. But, then,living here didn't seem possible either.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle Did you say somewhere warm.
See you sometime in march.
Yuma Arizona

GM said...

Shut up Murray! Nobody here cares that you're just too damned hot down there!:-) I wish I could snap my fingers and come there for 3 days.

Cookme said...

Talk to me when it dips to -40C (with the wind chill)! But I did giggle at the thought of you making your Fagan debut.