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January 16, 2009

Spirit Visits

I've been having this very weird thing happen here. I can't explain it. It's very confusing. I don't know what's going on. Have you ever had something happen that you have no ability to explain based on everything you've previously experienced?

I know I'm not dreaming. I know I'm not hallucinating. And I know for sure that I am experiencing it for real, and I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. You must keep an open mind when you read this.

It has now happened about six times. It doesn't happen every night.It's super dark in my bedroom. I'm in the middle of a forest. There is no light except the light of the sky/moon. Usually it happens between 3am and 4am. I'll wake up for what appears to be no reason.

Although I'm pretty much unable to see anything clearly without my glasses, I'll look around me while laying still and it's as if there is these separate moving energies about five to six feet from me moving in a circular motion.

If you can imagine those mobiles they sometimes put above baby's cribs - that's the way the movement appears.

I'll see shapes and colours. Some are shapes within incredibly vibrant colours like pink and orange. Others are more muted. It's as if they are in a haze.

When it happens I'm so confused and a little bit afraid and I just hold my breath and watch and ask myself is this real, what is this, am I really seeing this. But, after experiencing this about six times I know it's real. I just can't explain what's going on.

It's like energy contained within irregular shapes that are not connected but are floating in a fairly consistent pattern around the room. As if I'm suddenly able to see another dimension. That's what it feels like that my vision is suddenly tapping into energy that's there that normally we can't see. I know this sounds nuts but I don't think I could explain this in such detail if it wasn't happening.

Some of these shapes are very bright in colour: Pink, blue, orange, muted yellows. Some of them aren't. Some of it is dark without colour but I am aware it's there even without colour in the same way I'd be aware of a shadow.

Within the colours sometimes there are images, like busts of someone's head, a feotus, images of a man or woman. They are not distinct in that they have eyes and ears but they are more like silhouettes.

Are these spirits? Are they my angels. Is there a burial ground below this cottage? I don't know. I don't know who to ask about this. I'm wondering if anyone else ever experienced this while they lived here. No, I'm not crazy!

Why am I experiencing this I wonder. Why now? Why here? What does it mean? What am I supposed to do with it. Is it a "good" thing. How will I even begin to find out what it might possibly mean?

The other day I was watching Oprah. I think the show had something to do with how sometimes our darkest hours are the gifts we are being given allowing us the opportunity to grow the most, spiritually, in the ways we need to in order to become who we are meant to be, and for our soul to experience what it needs to in order to learn the lessons it has been put here on earth to learn.

I totally believe this and have experienced it in my own life. I won't explain. I don't need to. I am 100% positive of the truth of these words.

A man on the Oprah show spoke of how he survived a plane crash that was fiery. He distinctly recalls looking back to the part of the plane that suffered the impact and was exploding int a fiery inferno and he said that he noticed that colourful auras were leaving the physical bodies of the people who were dying. Some of the auras were very vibrant and others weren't. There were varying degrees of vibrancy. From that day on, he never worried about death and he was forever convinced that we are spirits living in a physical body and therefore our spirits survive indefinitely. He saw it with his own eyes. Or so he has chosen to believe. And nothing would ever change his mind.

Having this experience at night that I've been having here and then hearing that story seems relevant to me.


Anonymous said...

Strongly suggest you visit a doctor. I am not trying to be unkind. Experiences you describe may relate to eye or brain problems, even things like small strokes. Please do it.

Gayle Mavor said...

Thanks for your concern. Anything's possible I suppose. But, if that was the case, wouldn't I be experiencing this during the day as well, and not just in my bedroom in the dead middle of night and wouldn't it be more consistent?
I can't imagine going to a doctor, a real doctor, printing out my blog and not having them go, ...ummm...just a sec....I'm going refer you to a psychiatrist... because they don't even consider the possibility of anything other than the physical. Metaphysics isn't part of their training. But, I will consider your thoughts whoever you are...because who knows...