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January 30, 2009

Gung Hei Fat Choi

originally uploaded by Syowoe.
Took this photo at last year's Chinese New Year Parade. Well actually it was en route to the parade walking along the Coal Harbour Seawall.
This little guy, the most joyous baby in the world, was with his grandparents who couldn't speak English. They were doting over him as you would expect to be doted on when you are this damned cute.

I think he's a great representation of what makes big cities in Canada and the world so interesting....call it multiculturalism, call it whatever you want, it's just so much better than plain, all the same white!

He's part Asian baby, part Western cowboy, part snow bunny!

Isn't he the cutest baby you've ever seen? Maybe my friend Lisa's baby will look like that when she has it. She's part Chinese although she looks Mexican to me! We'll see!


GM said...

I just realized that if Lisa's baby looks like that, Dave's sure to be asking some heated questions! ha. Afterall 2 people who are mostly white can't have a baby that looks like that Gayle! Duhhh!

Lisa said...

Ya, considering my baby will be 1/4 Chinese, it will be a shocker if it looks like Joy. No doubt, she is a joyous baby


GM said...

Joy is a boy there Wolfie! Joy is the title I gave the photo in FLICKR. His name is probably Xiu Xian Wu or something!