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January 12, 2009

If quiet was a smell what would it be?

Would it be dark chocolate and orange rind, wet cotton after a rain, perfume in clear bottles, your scent still on your clothes the week after you died, flames from the fire, wet wood in the carport, wool blankets in storage, sawdust, incense, the burnt rubber as the plane's wheel's hit the ground, the steam that rises in a Finnish Sauna, ashes, roses in a garden at dusk, leftovers, salt that runs into your mouth from the water in your tears, dampness, sunshine on hardwood, hay in a barn, compost, a baby's breath while asleep, bird's nests, wet leaves, empty laundromats, clean white cotton sheets, cold tea, libraries, an empty wallet, the inside of a tent, seaweed, shells on a beach, small white marshmallows, licorice, the water in the sink from melted ice cube trays, blood, cinnamon, fishing nets, peppermint candy...
If quiet was a smell, what do you think it would be?

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